Master of Heart (to puffs) test tube


Master of Heart transmits the commands of the heart, of which he is actually the spokesman, to the whole body. The emotions associated with it are joy and happiness. His solar hour of greatest strength is between 7 and 9pm and his path ends on the tip of the middle finger of both hands. It helps us to circulate ideas, emotions and energies. Master of Heart, defends the emperor (heart) from external attacks, especially from too strong emotions.
The breath must be delicate, in order not to extinguish the flame.

This fragrance, with timeless elegance, blends Cinnamon, a symbol of sacredness, with the aromatic accents of Cardamom and Ginger but above all it defends the emperor (heart) from external attacks and from too strong emotions. The flavor of Chai Tea combined with Juniper Berries and the spiciness of Amyris offer a feeling of peace and balance.

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