Ether Dust


Ether as essence of the celestial spheres—space’s highest, purest and most luminous part, beyond the earth’s atmosphere. A solid sillage that represents the air that only the gods breathe, as opposed to that inhaled by mortals.

Ether as synthesis of the mercurial-lunar aspect, symbolised by the nightly harvest of the Bergamot and Orange blossoms, needed to preserve its essential quality and its sulphureous solar aspect, present in Heliotropium, the flower that devotes its existence to solar energy, its corolla always turned towards the star.

Sea salts infuse the fragrance with a terrestrial and material quality, completing the alchemic triad.

This “prescription fragrance”wants to transform materiality into Spirit. Its soft and comforting background, of Vanilla and Amber, is the final step of in the transformation of lead—vile, and coward —into gold—or what is noble.

On the skin, the jus gifts the wearer with the universe’s crystalline energy, and with its Vital Strength—eternal and immutable.

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