Silvia Monti

Pharmacist for half a lifetime, creative from birth.
Inside and outside the profession, she has an insatiable curiosity about the altars and atonement of humankind.
She has turned this work of kindness into an artistic expression creating the collection of fragrances called Peccato Originale.

The family-run chemist’s shop cellar is where Peccato Originale was born.

There I found ancient recipes which told me stories, I dusted boxes which used to contain galenic formulations, I stood entranced before writings and labels with an archaic flavour impossible to describe.

I understood that a chemist’s shop is a vantage point to observe humanity from the inside,which allows you to find out about their impulses and frailties, uncertainties and anxieties.

It is a place present throughout the lives of all men, women, fathers, mothers and children.

All psycho-physical disorders touched upon in the chemist’s shop are the result of an imperfection which is the human Peccato Originale.

Resisting and temptation, good and evil, mystery and ambiguity, men under the influence of the sun and women with their lunar prerogatives, life and death.

All things considered, in fact, a medicine is something that goes beyond its function, it becomes an emotional support, a travelling companion that, sometimes, stays at your side for a lifetime.